Friday, January 06, 2006

Full-Face Helmets and Therapists and Weathermen, Oh My!

As I bounced along the river on the rutted, footprinted ice this morning I checked the time to see if I was early enough to check in with Full-Face Helmet Guy. Seeing I was a few minutes late I looked across the river and there he was, ahead of me by just a little. I realized if I was going to get my “thumbs-up” this morning I was going to need to put in some work. It was a half-mile to the bridge that I use to cross the river. I put the hammer down, got to the bridge ahead of him, and was crossing over just as he went under. I made it; “thumbs-up” for everyone involved.

I stopped off at my favorite locally owned coffee shop this morning and found The Therapist standing in line. Yes, The Therapist being the person who sat and listened to me a few times during the dark months from February to April last year. There I was in full winter bike regalia (balaclava included) sharing the line with him. He asked me if I was keeping warm out there. He correctly assessed that it probably wasn’t too bad today. Then he said he was happy to see I was still at it. I’m pretty sure he was thinking maybe I really am crazy. No charge for that though, I guess.*

Finally, usually terminally cheery local weather dude Shawn Cable, who daily sends me a local forecast, is no longer terminally cheery when he reports that the 10 day forecast shows temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average. Two days in a row now his text forecast has been facts only, no hyperbole. Maybe it's post holiday doldrums. Maybe it's bad tacos he ate Wednesday. Or maybe it’s that temperatures are terminally 10 to 15 degrees above normal.

*this paragraph is for entertainment purposes only. Any inference, real or imagined, that I believe The Therapist says one thing and thinks another is pure irony. I had great respect for The Therapist long before a year ago, and continue to now.

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