Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Problem, Problem, Problem, Problem, Payoff

Ok. Nothing to see here. Move along.

An eventful commute today.

The cable of the front derailleur fell off the leverage point. I had to stop and temporarily fix it.

Two minutes later, on some rough stuff, it felt like something had fallen off the bike. I’ve finally learned to stop. Not matter what. Even if I’m sure it was just a rock that got kicked up. Make sure everything is still attached. Sure enough, my CO2 cartridge had fallen off. Regroup.

On the way home I stopped at the LBS so the fine folks could fix the front der and run through a quick gear adjust. Rock and roll, service with a smile. Well, actually it was some fine blues playing in the shop today. Thanks guys!

One more stop, this time at Radio Shack. It looked like my computer battery was going to die any minute. It’s backup already failed last week. I’m a geek boy. I gotta have my uninterrupted data flow. Batteries secured.

And home, to some excellent, greasy, salty, sweet chicken cordon bleu. Thank you very much, can I have another.

And the big payoff - seems someone found a bike in the river. They dragged it out and made this piece of art. I love how the bike blends so nicely with the leaves.


the owner said...

It's true he was biking. I saw him. I honked (sigh). He was waiting for the guy in front of him to get done yelling at the other drive that had blocked his way.

Jeff said...

A broken part is seldom a "problem". It is an opportunity for an upgrade!

mytzpyk said...

You boys are right on top of things here. Were you waiting at the door for me to make a post?

Re: the drivers yelling at each other. That was a mess of cars and trucks and grumpy people. Back home in Jersey we call that a cluster.

I'm amazed people think they like to drive places.

Snakebite said...

Hey, Geek Boy!

Our wonderful LBS fixed up your bike after it looked like it did per your picture? I know those guys are good, but wow! Blues in the LBS? Is this a new thing? I need to get there more often.

the Owner said...

I no longer have control of the remote control. No more Ace of Base or Benny and the Biz