Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This Isn't My SFPD

This video is making the bicycle advocacy rounds. It's a San Francisco Police training video describing bicyclist rights and responsibilities, although I think it's VERY light on bicyclist responsibilities.

I find myself wondering how far removed my SFPD is from making a video like this. I understand a video encouraging helmet use is in the can...but this video seems like it would be a big stretch to do locally.

A goal for 2008 perhaps?


SueJ said...

League of Illinois Bicyclists did a driver's ed video (also sent to law enforcement agencies). It's narrated by Robbie Ventura. It was a pretty major project.

bigH said...

Everyone should see this video. These are my experiences:
I was doored, and broke my collarbone. The police report said the cause was my "inexperience".
A motorist intimidated me on a quiet street by throwing and hitting me with a dead fish.
At a near accident by two cars one car cut me off. I yelled at the negligent driver, and he got out of his car to confront me.