Thursday, September 06, 2007

Instant Karma

…is going to get you. It’s going to knock you right in the other head.

I had a zero car-mile week last week. I might post later about how I used myself up over the weekend. Because I’m still recovering from that, I’m having trouble getting up in the morning…which has caused me to default to my car for transportation on Tuesday and Wednesday for work. Just plain lazy. Just plain guilty.

But I paid dearly today…

On the way to work, on an interstate overpass I ran over a domesticated animal. I feel awful…but it should know better than to be in my right of way. Oops, sure is easy to slip into that sort of thinking…’cause you know, there’s no reason why slowing down can’t and shouldn’t be an option, especially when there’s a seemingly unpredictable kitten, child or cyclist on the road.

I left work early to take The Boy 9 for a doctor checkup. It was a rainy trip. I was happy to be driving. We made good use of the car making multiple errand stops. We arrived back at school to pick up The Boy 5 and to my dismay, upon returning to The Car, the contents of the radiator had created a minor ecological disaster on the asphalt.

As we headed off to the service station the engine temperature went ballistic. We pulled off the road and called The Wife to come rescue us.

Tomorrow I guess I’ll be driving…but definitely riding after taking the car in for a pit stop.

Tonight…somewhere out there at the side of the road sits an abandoned MinusCar.


It's fitting then that MSN Money has an article today (thanks 'quatch) that goes something like this, "If you're constantly broke and can't figure out why, the answer may be sitting in your driveway."

Fitting too that the first item under the "What's Going Wrong" heading is, "Viewing cars as a need rather than a want."

The broad stroke point of the article? She didn't say it, Sasquatch didn't say it...

Consume. Less.


Pete said...

I feel your pain. My car stranded me on the way home tonight. I was sick earlier this week and although I was feeling better I decided to drive to work today to give my body a chance to rest a little more. I guess the universe is telling me that I don't need all that rest!

SueJ said...

Hmmmm.... that article has been there for a while, if I remember correctly. Still true, though.

Last night I was wondering what fall & winter will be like... fact is that I only drove five times last winter - and three of 'em primarily for the car's sake (too long in the garage) but the forecast was for possible major nasty storms in the a.m. I suppose I *Should* take that as my cue to figure out the bus route (I'm on it but it will take a transfer). Of course, the weather had calmed dwon by a.m.

SueJ said...

bummer about the critter, too :( Gives one pause. What have we mowed down and not even been aware of?