Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Conversating w/ The Boy 10

It’s been awhile since I’ve visited my favorite Starbucks barista. Today’s latte came with stories of her new 80mpg scooter. She purchased it “offline” (on the internets), suffered through title acquisition, and finally is having a lot of fun riding it. I asked her how cold she’d ride – she said she wore her winter coat for this morning’s 60 degrees. I asked about a helmet, she modeled it – think Spaceballs, Dark Helmet.

Last Thursday as we enjoyed free jazz @ Fawick Park The Boy 10 asked about relative fuel consumption between cars and motorcycles. He then suggested farms should use two-stroke tractors to use less fuel. Then he recognized the concern that slow farming could cause food shortages. I agreed and suggested more people would have to farm.

This morning I realized I could take the conversation another step – so I did. Farming is more attractive if a living can be made doing it. At the beginning of the summer we purchased shares in a CSA so that we could pick up vegetables every Saturday from them at the Farmer’s Market. That family is living your suggested solution, son.

The next step for the non-vegetable eating The Boy 10 will be getting him to realize the relative fuel consumption (or even the health benefits) between McDonalds French fries and Farmer’s Market fried potatoes. Wouldn’t it be great! Maybe when he’s in his 30’s, that’s how long it took his dad.


eayste said...

Don't put to much pressure on him, he'll figure it out. :P

Amusing how we still are learning things in our 30's. When I was 12 , I was thinking I would surely be set in my ways by 30.

Snakebite said...

"Wouldn’t it be great! Maybe when he’s in his 30’s, that’s how long it took his dad."

Yeah, but you're a hard-headed stubborn type and he's in his formidable years and is already shown he's pointed in the right direction. Good for him - and you.