Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pugsley Took Me To Leaders

I took advantage of the beautific temperature today and headed out for a small adventure. I let the Pugsley decided where to take me and it soon became clear we'd be visiting Leaders Park.

By way of the I29 Pedestrian Bridge, Falls Park, DTSF, Caribou Coffee, and finally The Broken Chain - which isn't so much a venue but a state of drivetrain.

Leaders Park is the site of the singletrack build. Having not been there since October - and always holding a vision in my head of a dude standing over our bridges with a sledgehammer - I wondered how our bridges have been holding up.

I discovered bridge #1 still standing.

Bridge #2 was standing still.

Anybody seen my sunglasses? I swear I had them when I arrived at the park.

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