Tuesday, March 03, 2015

HB1030 Passes Senate - Next Stop, The Governor

There is never enough thanks to go around on days like today. For what its worth...I'm giving thanks:

Thank you Chris Parsley, Clint Kolda and Chad Pickard. Since January 20 this team has been in constant contact around this bill. Strategy, ideas, thoughts, research, sanity, insanity - day and night - our lives have been just short of consumed by this bill. It's a great experience being on such a stellar team. Thank you guys. All volunteer all the time!

The American Heart Association and Megan Myers. Without diversity of thought and presentation bills like this are tough to pass. The Heart Association brought healthy living into the conversation and was a constant presence in the capitol. Also, Megan never seems to tire of my many question about how things work. I owe her. Thanks AHA & Megan.

Finally iPhone and Facebook Messenger. Seriously. I'd love to have all that conversation rolled up into a book to read. Couldn't have done it without you two.

On to Governor Daugaard's desk.

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