Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Coffee Shop Ride: Next! 8/29

The next Saturday Coffee Shop Ride will be Saturday August 29. We'll depart at 9am from Black Sheep Coffee near the intersection of Grange Ave and 12th Street.

Here is a link to the general expectations of the Saturday Coffee Shop Rides. Faster riders may find the speed of this ride a bit mentally challenging. If you want to see the entirety of the Saturday Coffee Shop Ride posts follow this link.


Today began early as I departed home on a fully geared front suspended off-road bicycle and an aptly named Camelbak perched upon my back as if it were the hump of a camel. This was somewhat unusual gear selection for the Saturday Coffee Shop Ride, however today I had plans within plans.

I met The Owner and One Of The Owner's Daughters at the Elmen Trailhead. I found them in conversation with a couple well known hoodlums - erm, riders. We bid them farewell and were off to The Falls Park Farmer's Market together while the two riders continued their travels around the north part of the bike trail.

At the farmer's market we joined a family of three generations. We found a young man on a homemade bamboo rig. Another, even younger man was on a beautiful grey and light blue Purefix. Parts he apparently selected on his own. The Owner and  One Of The Owner's Daughters were on a bicycle built for tandem.

The MinusCar Project Saturday Coffee Shop Ride takes all kinds.

Just before our 9:15-ish departure - yeah, we wait for people if we know they're coming - the two hoodlums appeared and were briefly greeted in the form of the Hello Again Wave.

Our first order of business was to arrange the requisite group photo. This one at the Pioneer Memorial.

After some short singletrack and even shorter bits of avoiding fresh dirt piles we crossed Cliff Ave entered the land of "hey, I've never been here before" and "do you know where we are?" I surely enjoy that. Our northernmost point was the Sanford Research building where the horses run but not free.

Along Benson Road we were passed by a half-dozen cars which may well have been a record until we later traversed North Drive and were passed by more and at much closer proximity. If I were to do that piece over I'd probably ride it differently.

In the midst of the North Drive tension a couple inmates played the role of comic foils by inquiring about the likelihood we were heading to Sturgis.

There were some very nice views of The City on this route. Art marshaled the back of our ride and captured this picture as we began the Main Ave descent back to The Falls. Thanks for the picture Bike Sioux Falls.

After cups of coffee, breakfast pizzas and decent conversations were consumed I was off to the remainder of my 35 mile day. A visit to Leaders Park and the long ride home. The icing on the top of my ridecake came with a couple blocks worth of cooling rainfall as I arrived home. Ahhhh...Saturday!

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