Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Bout of Winter

I was a day late. Monday I drove The Single to the LBS for studded tire installation and fenders. Fenders will be a new thing for me this year.

Tuesday the wind cranked up to 30mph and some snow flew. The Single wasn't complete and I don't usually start rides in precipitation so I did the rain option bus ride to work. On the way home I picked up the bike.

Tuesday night we found The Boy 7 in a boot and snow pant deficient way. The remedy involved yet another trip in the car. We learned we weren't the only people unwilling to shop for these items in 50-degree temperatures. Three stops later we found a store with a remaining selection. The salesdude said boots started moving 24 hours ago and they were about out now. The previous stop, Target, was essentially already out.

This morning's ride to work will be a true winter riding experience. 12-degrees, 24mph wind. It's going to be difficult to dress because it's going to be difficult to move from 30 wind-chill to -8. I would have preferred a couple 15-degree tests.

Wish me luck.


the old bag said...

Your fortitude is inspiring! Let us know what you decided on.

What's your commuting distance? Trail? Roads?

mytzpyk said...

My most common morning commute is 1/3 residential roads, 1/3 bike trail and 1/3 not so residential roads.

eayste said...

You sir, have bigger ones than I .
Perhaps even stainless steel ones.
I forwent my desire to ride to work against a 30mph wind for 5+ miles in order to not risk death by
IT would have been fine , if not for that confounding wind.
Alas, I reserved myself to the car.
Since the busses don't run at 1am.

mytzpyk said...


You are blameless. Your risks are much higher than mine, especially for your return trip (even if it's with the wind), and that's real.

I wouldn't make that trip either.