Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Man Tandem (Introducing)

There's a new tool in the shed. A new way to get around. I have already used it for transport, as a single occupant, multiple times.

Yesterday with The Wife at work and The Boy 6 at a birthday party, The Boy 10 and I were left make up our own entertainment.

I departed work and rode home to change into biker casual. I mounted the shiny new tandem and headed to the predetermined rendezvous point.

The Boy 10 and I traversed roadway, gravel, and bike trail. 14 miles and one water break later we found the downtown Mama's Ladas right where we expected it to be.

We partook of the tasty enchilada essence.

We thefted The Wife's auto to fetch The Boy 6 from his party then returned to the scene of the crime where The Wife transported The Boys home.

We're short a way to transport The Tandem so I pedaled it home pretending to be Snakebite traversing The Rockies on a big dummy. I also waited for somebody to suggest I had lost my passenger so I could count the number of empty seats in their vehicle.

A quite fruitful 30+ mile day.

The Wife has also taken an interest in The if there'd even be a The Tandem if she wasn't interested. Her interest has lead to conversations like this:

Her - "no fair. You went for a bike ride. Now take me."
Me - "ok"

And it's really great riding The Tandem together. Every time I look back to check for traffic she's there. Attached.

As it should be.


chiggins said...

you should totally an xtracycle on that thang! ManXtrandem! WOO!

hellimat said...

I'm super jealous... get a pic up!

DIRK said...

You really can't wait to let someone have it with "how many empty seats in your car?" Can you? I know you just want to say it. Remember to get out of the pedals to yell at drivers. You don't want to tip that thing over!

eayste said...

Words from my Dad,tandem rider for the last 10 years with my mom.
" A tandem will test the bonds of any marriage"
Nice to see your Mrs. getting into rested in it too.