Tuesday, July 08, 2008

World Made By Hand: An Invitation

…cue low voiced movie trailer man…

In a world where gas prices skyrocket making national touring entertainment far too expensive to be feasible and making traveling far distances to find entertainment unlikely…

In a world where the value of a dollar is so low that giving it away becomes more cost effective than handling actual money…

In a world with problems so large that when the television (when it works) isn’t clogged with politicians talking about gas prices and the value of the dollar it’s clogged with people talking about politicians talking about gas prices and the value of the dollar…

Entertainment will occur locally by small bands of actors. Small groups of spectators will gather in the ruins of the great buildings. They will sit on makeshift seating made from scrap metal. The actors will perform their favorite scenes from plays long forgotten.

The air conditioner will be off.

And when it’s over, they will travel under their own power, some great distances, to enjoy fermented beverages and each other.


The future is Friday.

MinusCar and Snakebite invite you dear reader of Sioux Falls Bike Blogs to an evening of fine entertainment, bike riding, and conversation.

Friday. July 11.

The agenda:

The Bare Bodkins Shakespearience – a presentation of 20 select Shakespeare scenes in 90 minutes.

- 6 to 6:15 – get your FREE ticket at the gate to the Queen Bee Mill. The earlier the better.

- 6:15 to 6:30 – have you eaten since lunch? Get something at the scenic Falls Overlook Café.

- 6:30 to 7 – find a place to sit on the bleachers. The sun sets first on those who choose wisely and quickly.

- 7 to 8:30 – enjoy the Shakespearience.

The Ride - travel great distance for great conversation and great beverages.

- 8:30 to 10 – we’ll forego the half-mile trip to Monk’s House of Ale Repute and instead travel there by way of the airport and Yankton Trail Park.

- Bring your fore and aft lightage.

- Bring your knoggin protection.

Monk’s House of Ale Repute

- 10 to 12 – I’ve heard the tales. I’ve seen the venue. I haven’t yet enjoyed the experience. Friday fixes that. Come listen politely as Snakebite regales us with tales of his recent travels to the Southwest; the highs of the Colorado Mountains and the lows of the Utah Desert.

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

- 11:59pm – Disperse. Sleep, the death of each day's life. Make your bed and then lay in it. Enjoy a small slice of death.

FAB’s Saturday Coffee & Doughnut Ride

- 8am to 10am – meet at O’Gorman. Destination Queen City Bakery. Route TBD, except that it won’t be the direct one.


gad2357 said...

I rode to the Queen Bee Mill Monday evening for The Bare Bodkins Shakespearience. The show is worth the price of admission, even if it is not free (which it is, free, that is, first come first served). There were a few empty seats last night. I am planning on being there at 6:00pm Friday for the show and the after-show activities. Good idea MinusCar and Snakebite.

Snakebite said...

It's MinusCar's idea, I'm just riding in on his shirt tail. And providing a bit of mayhem.

Tez said...

Make sure you are off the bike trail/park area before 10:00pm unless you want the cops after you!....hahaha

I will not be attending although it sounds like fun. I will be out of town.

mytzpyk said...

I don't underestimate the importance of Snakebite mayhem.

gad2357 said...

Ok, good idea MinusCar. And, thank you Snakebite for the bit of mayhem.

Anonymous said...

I will be in Mitchell at 0500 on Friday, but you can bet I will be home in time to participate in Shakespearian/Snakbiteum mayhem.
Umm, Julyhem.

hellimat said...

we (myself, Kari, Taylor and Alex) will be going. We won't be staying for Monk's, I've got a training ride at 5am

bikingbrady said...

Coffee and donuts ride on Saturday morn? Don't you have an MS training ride up there too? Support the MS Society boys and girls!

mytzpyk said...

An admonition from BikingBrady. That'll make me stop and take inventory.

1. priorities.

2. BikeMS FAB Team

3. FAB Something For Everyone ride IS the BikeMS training ride.

1 + 2 + 3 = MS Society Support.

We do love the MS Society.

I'm not grumpy - I just think I'm in a good position to defend the point.


bikingbrady said...

Amazing what happens when a club has more than one or two people that do most of the coordination....a certain local group from Vermillion ***cough cough LANEHOGS cough*** could learn something from it's northern brethren.

mytzpyk said...

Technically FAB competes with itself most every Saturday with the C/D ride and the road ride.

We do love the LaneHogs too. Next board meeting I'll be bringing up the Margarita Ride and how to encourage FAB participation in that.

At the moment we just wish we had as many riders in FABRAD as you do at the Margarita Ride.

Live, ride and prosper.

bikingbrady said...

FABRAD will get there shortly. We started it off as a club ride with 15 people. Year 2 ~30, 3 - 70, 4 - 106, 5 - 130, 6 - 180. It be scary if we actually would market the ride I'm sure.

I was saying more that the Lanehogs need more people to step forward. A few of us put in a lot of time on our rides. Need more people to step up!

Snakebite said...

I shall bring my mayhem to the Margarita ride. Word.

DIRK said...

Shakespeare, Bikes, Beer, Donuts, and Mayhem ? I like this cycling stuff !

Anonymous said...

The Mayor would not even think of missing the Margarita ride!!! I was amazed at the number of people that showed up last year!

GinaBee said...

Bare Bodkins in the Park for laughing like a kid - bike trail ride under a half moon - great company for a Friday night - SWEET!!! - Thanks guys!