Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bike Racks As Art

Recently our local govment issued an invitation for art-like bicycle racks that could be placed throughout the area. Not only to offer places to park bicycles but to draw further attention to the existence of racks and bicycles. My understanding is the response was underwhelming.

Bottom line - even though someone in the community invited David Byrne to submit his racks - art racks are anything but imminent.

At a recent meeting of bicyclists David Byrne's New York City racks were discussed. Not everyone in attendance knew of them. Here, thanks to the Bicycle Diaries attention to the matter - is a NYC tour of the David Byrne Racks.

Too bad they didn't ride their bikes from rack to rack.

A Rackumentary


Snakebite said...

"Recently our local govment issued an invitation for art-like bicycle racks that could be placed throughout the area."

Had I not heard about this through blogs, I would have not known about it. I'm not sure it was announced loud enough. I'm also not sure if it was announced to the masses. Was it announced to just those who are construed to be "art" types? If so, the announcers made the mistake of equating amateur with novice.

Big bummer.

Will they announce again (properly) and / or are they still taking submissions?

mytzpyk said...

I don't know the current status of our program. I'm pretty sure there was a press release and I saw a poster in a shop once.

I don't know if the arts folk cared about the possibility. David Byrne - a cyclist and an artist - is a natch for this. I'm just not sure a comparable person exists here. If they do - then getting them inspired is another thing.

Maybe a trip or two to Monk's would do the trick.

Snakebite said...

Keeping the discussion public, how would one find the pertinent information if one wanted to make a submission?

mytzpyk said...

The offical page appears to be here.

From this page you'll find the names of the three - yes three - people who submitted. All rejected.

Also there's a PDF available of the invitation. The submission deadline was November.

bigH said...

My artist friend, from whom I first learned of this proposal, said, "I am going to submit". Much later he had cooled saying he did not think it would pay enough, and he would not pay for the exposure.