Saturday, March 14, 2009


Today I led a few on edition 031409 of the FAB Coffee/Donut Ride. We enjoyed the trip to Black Sheep Coffee via South Cliff Ave and Downtown.

The dude working the counter at Black Sheep was a bit of a rider himself. His urban fixie gets premium parking inside as part of the eclectic display area. He figured we were a bit overdressed for the beautiful day, but wanted us to know that he rides all the time.

I figured I was a bit under dressed for the time and distance we traveled and that he should at least wear enough clothes to cover that piece on his backside that's covered in dirt from his ride. Especially if he's going to be serving me food.

A dog sat at the next table - so things are a bit different there than other restaurant-type establishments. To be fair the dog was wearing a sweater. He thinks he's people.

Dude also suggested we all sell our cars and transport by bike only. I assured him I could hear what he was saying. The Dad (Coffee/Donut ride #1 for him) played his ace - having sold his car four years ago.

I read Chubby Mofo's blog this morning and remembered that the St Patrick's Day Parade is today. That event had so far eluded my radar. I'm there. Sounds like The Boy 11 will be adorning the little bike. I'm a little jealous - that's the high price of parenthood.

Snakebite says his attendance will be a gametime decision.

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