Monday, August 17, 2009

090817 - Today's Transport

It’s the first day of school. To me it's a bit like a new year. Drastic changes to the routine. It’s time to try to implement some new goals; see if they stick.

It also begins year five of The MinusCar Project.

Recently I managed to acquire (technically at this point I’ve stolen it) a used GPS. This enables me to measure not just bike miles but ALL transportation miles. This presents some interesting possibilities.

Today's transportation in miles -
Bike: 17.3
Walk: 1.1

The day began with the first of hopefully many bike rides to school with The Boy 7. The principal greeted us with, "it's the bike riding family." Yes, it wouldn't be a community without at least one crazy family.

Walking from my training session I observed the South Dakota Cycle-Ogy rider taking to the streets. I also noticed it takes me an additional 3 minutes to walk fro rather than to the session.

I added some miles with some post-work errand running; printer paper (recycled), printer cartridge (re-filled) and some point zero two dollar stamps. Out of curiosity I weighed the 20lb bag when I arrived home. Guess how heavy it was?

The transportation day ended with the first of hopefully many bike rides from school with The Boy 7.


MN_homesteader said...

school starting already? We start on 9/1. When do your kids get out?

mytzpyk said...

May 18