Tuesday, August 25, 2009

090825 – This Ain’t No Perfect World

I took the bus downtown this evening to attend the Shape Sioux Falls 2035 Open House. On the way there I stopped to get a picture of this sculpture. I have great difficulties with the physics.

The open house was all fine and interesting. I dropped a few comments on sticky notes. In a perfect world I’d read the full document (which can be downloaded) and offer a complete review.


In a perfect world lovers wake up with a kiss.


Today’s transportation:
Walk: 0.8
Bus: 10.5
Multi-occupant auto: 5.25
Single-occupant auto: 4.6

Storms this morning forced a late departure from home and a motor assisted drive to work.


During the day I heard rumor and later was able to confirm from the bus – the sharrows proposed as part of the alternate on-street route of the bike path have been painted. The proposal was West Ave from south of 41st to 22nd. 22nd Street has existing sharrows. South of 41st the sharrows zig and zag and ultimately discontinue near the 49th and Western intersection.

I think I’ll dub this the Drube sharrow. He’ll probably insist on the Christensen sharrow.


gad2357 said...

The one near your father's home (there must be one?):

Harold's Sharrow

Snakebite said...

Or maybe "Sharrold?"

bigH said...

It should be called the "Drube Turnpike".