Sunday, October 11, 2009

1st Winter Ride

Friday night I pulled the snow bike off it's hook, loosened up the rusted front derailleur cable and made sure the wheels go 'round. They did so I was ready to roll in the morning for the first winter FAB Coffee/Donut ride.

Saturday morning I pulled myself off my hook, loosened up the knees and made sure the feet go 'round. They did so I looked outside at the light snow accumulation. I was mildly disappointed the find no accumulation on the pavement.

The snow bike was not necessary.

At the rendezvous I discovered a handful of amply dressed individuals on bicycles.

It was 25 degrees.

We rode. Destination #1 was Legacy Park via the John Thune funded MUP.

Apparently blue was the color of choice for the morning. I wore standard MinusCar black.

Destination #2 was the roundabout at North University Center which might as well be in Fargo for as far as we travelled north into the north wind.

We looked with suspicion and curiosity upon the heavily barricaded plant somewhere out there near 60th & Marion Road.

Destination #3 was biscuits and gravy at Michelle’s. Mmmmmmm…

Destination #4 was Daylight Donuts – because we’d seen coffee but hadn’t seen any donuts on the ride.

20 miles later the ride returned to the rendezvous.


My Own Two Feet said...

I'm so jealous! Going to get out tomorrow during the cold too? How often do you guys do the Coffee/Donut ride?

I am strongly considering picking up a bike on the 23rd (student loan overage day), and working in winter biking to go with my walking.

mytzpyk said...

2nd & 4th Sats 8am @ O'Gorman. On the coldest days we don't mess with getting miles.

It's a FAB ride so memberhip is highly recommended.

Snakebite said...

I wish the picture of the GPS business was "click for big." I wanted to see the circle where you (and us) did laps at the round-about.

mytzpyk said...

The Hooterville Mayor's GPS is here -

Mine didn't pick up enough data points to make the donut, but his did.