Saturday, June 05, 2010

Car-lite Saturday

We broke some new ground today.

I woke The Boy 12 up bright and early (actually it was cloudy with 80% chance of rain) so that we could mount the tandem bicycle and head out for some disc golf.

Just before our arrival we intermixed with the tail end of the Washington Pavilion Wellness Festival 10K.

This is the second full round of disc golf for The Boy 12. He's improved over last week. He tied me on a few holes at the end. I threw 10 times more than I did last week. In my defense it was very moist out. Slippery discs make for early releasing.

After we finished up the round we headed north to the Downtown Farmer's Market.

On this leg we intermixed HEAVILY with a walk event. Lots and lots and lots of "on your left"-ing. Lots and lots of folks not remembering their left and right. I can tell the ones who have trouble remembering because on the way by they say, "oh, I had to think..."

We got through without any entanglements.

It's nice having a passenger - in the midst of navigating the walkers the phone rang. I passed the phone back for him to answer.

At the market we met up with the rest of The Family for the multi-occupant vehicle ride home. I love the market.

This is Dakota Natural Beef ring bologna and sugar snap peas sauteed in oil and onions and various other spices. The Wife likes to try new things. I like to eat new things.


I was called away twice while typing this. First for the best rainbow ever...

...and then for the cool sunset lit clouds.

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✯FiTCETERA✯ said...

The last two pics ... stunning!

You have a great sense of humour.

What a cool life you're leading.