Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some Of My Favorite People Are 70

Wendell Berry has long been a hero of The MinusCar Project.
“When we talk about these characteristics, that happen to be characteristics of good agriculture — diversity, versatility, recognition, and acceptance of appropriate limits or getting the scale right, and local adaptation — those ideas, it seems to me, put us in reach of work that we can do. To assume that all experiences like that oil well can only be handled by experts at great expense is a mistake, I think.
What we need to do is to get it to where we can have a say in it. If we don't then we lose the personal ground of hope and the next thing is we all go around saying things like 'it's inevitable, there's nothing you can do about it.'"
It's why I garden. It's why I buy so much food from the people who grow it. It's why I transport myself as much as I can with my own body.

It's hopeful. It's not inevitable. There is something that can be done.

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Recognition, and acceptance of appropriate limits or getting the scale right.

Local adaptation.

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