Thursday, May 05, 2011

Waka Waka: Tagged

I've complained before - and I'm complaining again - we need some better graffiti artists in this town. This topic remains at the front of my mind because of the frequency I ride by this stunning piece of creativity.

Sorry about the crappy cell phone photo. I didn't have much time to linger and get the shot setup just right. I gotta assume the creative courageous mind that put this down on pavement in a high trafficked area is capable of all sorts of mayhem.

Could it be that this is so bad a tag that nobody has any energy to report it?

BUT WAIT. There might be a new kid in town! Perhaps an arrow to a summer of better tags.

It's no banksy but there is more than one color, some motion lines AND a cultural icon from my childhood. That makes this a relative mona lisa.

I got a little red in there. Spring allergies have sprung so we stayed home longer to medicate and needed The Time Machine to get to the middle school band performance in a timely manner.

Unable to walk.


db said...

There is a real lack of good, creative graffiti:

mytzpyk said...

At least many of those are humorous.

The Old Bag said...

OK, I have to say my town beats your town on the grafitti artistry.

Bald-n-Surly said...

How long til somebody strikes the big new wall separating criminal bikers from the golfers?

twinswin said...

Rolled over the 187 last night. :)