Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Update 4/19 8am - I watched a bunch of Virginia Tech YouTube video this morning. This post, when placed next to those videos, becomes much less funny. Sorry about that.

But the horse - still. golden.

Someone sent me an online quiz today. By looking at a photo can you tell the difference between a programming language inventor and a serial killer? I'm a little afraid of what this says about me; I got 10 right out of 10.

And then from Fat Boy Cyclist's post this video of a horse that jumps a fence and joins a peloton. Wow.



peddlinshutterbug said...

UNbelievable!!!! That is a whole lot more shocking than a big farm dog!! What a HOOT!!!

this single spark said...

That video footage is in the French film "Amelie". I thought it was made up!

mytzpyk said...

It's must be true I sawr is on the Internets. From letters:

"The scene in Amelie when you see a horse is shown galloping with the riders is a real moment from a real race. The incident happened in the Criterium International in 1997...

Laurent Limouzy
Albi France
Tuesday, 6 May 2003"

I'm glad to know it's in Amelie. Seems that's one I was supposed to watch somewhere along the way.

sans auto said...

I was riding through Wyoming and a bunch of cows escaped their pen right in front of me. I ended up herding them up the highway because I was afraid to get by them. The rancher wasn't overly happy with me. And in the end it was really tricky to get by them without doing a "bumping" drill.

peddlinshutterbug said...

It is very funny when some herds of horses or cattle see a group of bikers. It is funny when the cows serenely look up at you as you pass by "mooing" at them..(admit it... you've all done it
!)..what is funnier still.....when you pedal by the cows and they all begin saying "on your left......"