Saturday, April 14, 2007

Yesterday: My Lucky Day

Have I mentioned there’s a new bike club in town? It’s true. More on that to come.

This morning I rode to the neighborhood Caribou coffee for a celebratory cup of joe (decaf please). Twenty urban, bike trail free miles later and the party was over (I live in a big neighborhood). I’m celebrating because Snakebite (Mr. Bite to you) is over there talking about how busy he is and yesterday was my lucky day. It’s because Snakebite is so busy that I get to have lucky days.

As I mounted my bike at the end of a long rather pleasant week of work the Snake-phone rang. “Hey, I just want you to know that Rich Show will play for Bike to Work.” And with that statement the picture of how I would paint a Sioux Falls Bike to Work Day celebration was complete.

The money is in the bank. The details have been worked out. Tentative commitments have been made. Now it’s time to take the money out of the bank, do the media work, and let the day happen. There’s plenty of potential for failure but like Mr. Bite says, “I think we need a little chaos on that day.”

I can't write about Bike to Work Day and sound like I'm the only one who's doing it. There's a committee of 5 to 10 people who are actively trying to make the whole day work. The Owner is one. Snakebite is one. Maybe I’ll introduce the others after the day proves successful.

In a few weeks I’ll get to face my biggest fear – what if you throw a party and nobody comes? An advantage of doing what I can about global warming is I get to trade my biggest fears for things I actually can do something about.



Snakebite said...

Dude, relax. The party is for us. Anyone else who shows up are simply more biking playmates! Viva Las Vegas!!!

Snakebite said...

Oh yes, I almost forgot, you know that Rich Show is the morning entertainment only - right?

mytzpyk said...

Yes. I understood that. All set.

thE_kErnEl said...

It will be a great day! The committee really deserves a big turnout and a huge pat on the back. Oh, and beer too.

Man, that dude in the middle of the poster is really ugly.

mytzpyk said...

Easy does it Kernel. Uglyness is only skin deep.

He IS a heck of a webmaster. Not so good about blogging though.


Hopefully you'll be there 5/18.

Peteymit said...

I'll be there... coming from Vermillion... I'll park near the northern tip of the bike trails and ride there... save some juice and breakfast for me this year though...