Friday, June 15, 2007

Coffee And Doughnuts And Folding Bicycles. Oh My.

Over at the Pinchflat News site they’ve made a bit of ado about the solution in search of a problem that is the folding bicycle. I don’t have to agree completely with their sentiments to get a kick out of their cheeky snarkiness. Neither do you.

So it is that as last weekend’s FAB Coffee & Doughnut Ride approached the 12th mile (it’s about the journey) in the 3 mile (not the destination) trip to Black Sheep Coffee we discovered a rare folding bicycle in its natural habitat outside Michelle’s downtown coffee serving eatery known as Michelle’s.

Those with cameras (seems those with cameras are also the ones with blogs) and an appreciation of the moment immediately started shooting pictures of the contraption as it rested in the glow of it’s own hipness. Not wanting to miss the opportunity for a two-fer I snapped a shot of two internet bicycle community phenomenons in a single frame.

A Snakebite taking a photo of a folding bike.

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Vertigo said...

Folding bikes are EVERYWHERE over here. Not only are they in every bike shop, you can buy them at our local grocery store.