Saturday, June 09, 2007

Where's Your Cargo?

Everytime I turn around somebody's giving up a car! There's Sue in Illinois leaving me comments, "Since I was already completely at the "weather forecast: what do I wear?" (as opposed to "what will I drive?") it hasn't been too hard of a transition..."

Snakebite's got his truck up for sale. He's trying to lose weight, "I’m going to lose 3,762 lbs in the form of my vehicle..."

And now, The Parents! Sold the OldsmoBuick, selling the light truck and purchased some sort of 30mpg little thing. Wow!

Me? Welp, after a year and a half of being volunteer water fetcher for my work crew, I get to trade the once a week car assisted 15 gallon water run for...once every 11 weeks. I am pleased to get to share this task.


SD_pedalpower said...

How about having it delivered via Culligan or other water companies in town? It might reduce individual rides but maybe it's a wash having a truck deliver the water with respect to how much gas is being used.

mytzpyk said...

Water from Culligan - $6 per bottle (if I remember correctly).

Water from Hy Vee - $1.75 per bottle.

Value of sharing the task amongst workmater - priceless.

this single spark said...

I've sold my car as well. Took it off the road in November, sold it two weeks ago. Going to post about it once I get some pictures of what I replaced it with...

bmike said...

Here's my cargo (and car - sigh... in the background).