Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Report: June 4 – 10 (with bonus material)

One of my favorite things happened tonight. Upon arriving home from work The Wife declared I would be riding to the store tonight to pick up a few things. I made the best of it and stopped at four places after The Boys were in bed - 8 nighttime bonus miles.

I saw The Iconoclasts today after work on my way to The LBS. The authors of MinusCar Essay #9, they live in town without an automobile. They walk. They talk. They spend time together. Hmmm…could they be on to something? Do they love each other enough to not want to rush their trips? They look good together too!

I also learned this weekend we found The Wife’s indoor temperature threshold. She topped out at 83 degrees late afternoon Sunday and the air conditioner got turned on for the first time this year. I think that means our threshold went from 74 two years ago to 78 last year to 83 this year.

One final note… No Impact Man referenced some suggested concrete numbers for reducing ones personal carbon emissions. Interesting numbers, they are very small. Gasoline – 50 gallons per person per year. There are other numbers in six more categories.

If you haven’t heard of No Impact Man you should. He began his project last November. He began his blog in March.
"Stage one was figuring out how to live without making garbage: no disposable products, no packaging, etc. Stage two was figuring out how to cause the least environmental impact with our food choices. Stage three is figuring out how to reduce our consumption to only what is necessary and how to do that sustainably. The whole thing gets harder and harder as we add each stage."
He composts his poop. He disconnected his electricity. He and his family live in New York City.

Now, on to the weekly report.

Trips -
MinusCar: 13
Multi-occupant Auto: 6
Single occupant Auto: 4
Destinations: 45

Three of the single occupant trips involved a single day. The Boys had early morning dentist appointments. As I dropped The Boy 5 off his daycare provider strongly urged me to not ride to avoid the nasty weather that was approaching. I should have ridden. The nasty weather didn’t materialize.

Two multi occupant trips involved the necessity of sober transport. The high cost of friendship. I’ll pay it every time.

My Car Miles: 33
My Bike Miles: 94

It's gonna get better from here (I think).

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sans auto said...

My step-dad hit and killed a cyclist while he was drunk. Thanks for giving your friend a ride. The environmental movement is extremely important, but it is important to put things in perspective. Next time maybe put your drunk friend in a bike trailer... that would teach him.