Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Amory Lovins - Despair is a Sin

The Internets have provided a pretty hopeful week!

Today’s finding is in Discover Magazine. They have an article that provides Amory Lovins’ perspective on an oil free future. In the article there is the case for lighter cars and even a hint of validation of my belief that each home should be responsible to generate its own energy. And he makes it all sound so possible!

Here’s the lead in:
AMORY LOVINS is a physicist, economist, inventor, automobile designer, consultant to 18 heads of state, author of 29 books, and cofounder of Rocky Mountain Institute, an environmental think tank. Most of all, he's a man who takes pride in saving energy.
And here’s some inspiration:
...after a while someone in the back will get up and give a long riff about all the bad things that are happening-most of which are basically true…after this person calms down, I gently ask whether feeling that way makes him more effective. As René Dubos, the famous biologist, once said, "Despair is a sin."
Thanks again to The Other Tyler Hamilton. Maybe I should rename this blog to The Best of Clean Break.

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