Saturday, February 04, 2006

HB1190 Decompression

I hit the road with The Uncle this morning. The single digit temperatures were more extreme than I was ready for, but I needed to remember the two best parts of why I ride...the friends and the ride.


The three of us who put our faces and voices on the airwaves about the fiasco HB1190 would have been got our first fan mail on Friday. It pushed the common argument that the more we start acting like vehicles the more likely it is that somebody's going to get killed.
First, one word...responsibility.
Second, this is the way it is and the way it has always been, the law is staying the same, and I still ride my bike knowing I could die.
Third, anyone can call a press conference...not anyone can get people to come.

A couple interesting things converged in January before I was consumed by HB1190:
1. January 7 & 13 - Red Lights/Red Mist Parts II & III - including h's comments (I call him dad) about Character Counts and needing better laws.
2. In late January the local daily did a series of articles about teen drivers and how dangerous they are. There was talk of banning cell phone use for teens. I figured the teens ought to stand up and tell on their parents for being bad drivers when they talk on the phone.


Kiril, The Cycling Dude said...

Just wanted to say I found your outstanding reporting on this bill to be interesing reading.

Keep up the great work!

mytzpyk said...

Thank you, Cycling Dude!