Monday, February 13, 2006

I Wonder

Over the past seven days three people have mentioned that they see my car parked at the park/ride once in awhile. It’s not hard to spot; it’s usually the only one there. By usually I mean when it’s there, it’s always(?) the only one. The most interesting thing about this is that I wasn’t able to detect any underlying pity in the telling. I wonder if that means people are getting it.

Unfortunately pity was quite abundant in the case for one person I know of who is making use of the bus when she can. It sounds like she found herself in the uncomfortable position of having to justify leaving the car at home to someone whose perception of a bus rider might be (like a Dick Cheney shotgun) a little off target.


The other day The Boy 3 gave me a little blue hand print sticker. I stuck it to my employee identification badge. Today a teammate asked me about it. He wondered if it signified a particular cause since I seem to be, um, you know, passionate about stuff. I could only offer that I'm passionate about The Boy 3.


The MinusCar Project just got easier to find –

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Noel said...

I would confirm that I cannot remember a time when I have seen your car there that there have been other vehicles.