Wednesday, February 01, 2006

If Defending Cycling is Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Right

Just because I was right on this one, can I please still be wrong about Global Warming? Please?

Our cohort Greg testified against part of HB1190 today in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. An amendment to the bill that addressed our concernes passed the committee unanimously. The vote for the bill itself had one dissenter who was (rightly I think) concerned about allowing drunken people to ride bicycles.

Greg also reports that he sat next to the bills author, Rep Tom Hennies and had a nice talk; thank you Rep Hennies for allowing modifications to your bill. (You might remember Rep Hennies from such previous posts as "I'm Wrong Again (still HB1190))."

If reading my posts somehow encouraged you to contact your representative I thank you for doing so. In Greg's report to the BicycleSF Yahoo! Group he says, "One senator even noted that all of our communications exceed that which he has received on the major issues of education funding and abortion." If reading my posts somehow disgusted you and you still wrote to your legislator I still thank you. If you wrote a legislator, please write them again and thank them for their efforts.

When I ride my bike in traffic having bicycles included in the definition of vehicle is literally a life and death issue for me. When I ride my bike in traffic I almost literally ride with this law on my sleeve.
"Bicycles have all the rights and responsibilities of all other vehicles on the road."

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eayste said...

The suspense is killing me!
I hope it is good nes about HB1190