Monday, April 03, 2006

Climate Change In the...Everywhere

Yo Dick. This isn’t your grandfather’s energy crisis – first off, New York Times Foreign Affairs Columnist Thomas Friedman was on NPR’s Fresh Air March 30th. The main topic was the situation in Iraq. Buried at the end (unfortunately) of the interview Mr. Friedman rants on current energy policy. It is very good. Here is a snippet (mp3), but go and listen to the whole thing. (Thanks to The Dad for the snippet and the alert.)

Clif Bar - why CyclingNews removed the Climate Neutral Sea Otter Classic article I don't know. I discovered a suitable replacement at Bicycle Retailer. Their claim that a $2 Cool Tag offsets 300 miles of car travel is interesting. I think The MinusCar Project will celebrate climate neutrality on its first anniversary.

NativeEnergy - the money from Cool Tags purchased from Clif Bar goes to NativeEnergy an organization that is helping to fund the St Francis Wind Farm in South Dakota. If you go to their website please realize the frustration you feel is due to a very poorly designed website.

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