Wednesday, April 12, 2006

MinusCar Saturday

Saturday morning I replaced The Boys desktop PC with an inherited laptop. I re-wired my desktop PC and household entertainment center so that the unnecessary components could be completely turned off with a power strip. I also unplugged all my recharging power transformers and created a re-charging station. It’s not much but it didn’t cost me a darn thing either.

Oh, and I reconfigured all the household PC’s to hibernate when the power button is pushed. This gives me all the energy savings of a power off without the hassle of a reboot. It’s not much but it didn’t cost me a darn thing either.

That afternoon The Wife needed to work a few hours and The Boy 8 had a party to go to, all downtown. We parked at The Wife’s work and quickly decided we’d kill the 30 minutes to party time by walking to it. That was The Boy 8’s idea. I think he might know what’s up.

On the way we balanced on every retaining wall we could find. We surveyed the damage that skateboarding does to the walls too. We were pleasantly surprised to find the SF Fire Rescue ladder truck (with ladder extended) on display, and stopped to explore the truck and chat with the nice firemens.

After leaving The Boy 8 at his party The Boy 4 and I were left to wander around downtown. We explored for awhile, hit a few locally owned shops, checked out some sculptures and 3 hours later we ended up all together back at the car.

If I was willing to drive more I could have experienced 42 miles of driving and come home and gotten an hours worth of work done while The Boy 4 watched TV or something.

Hmmmmm…I kinda like this MinusCar Project thing.

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tSD said...

Jesus Jones...where has that guy been.