Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mood: Elevated

I rode to lunch today. I went to KFC, two blocks away from work, and grabbed two Buffalo Snackers. I had to get them to-go because I was running out of time. It took me almost an hour to ride those two blocks. I musta got lost.

The TransitLibrarian clued me in to a "Make Your Own Ad" Contest that Chevy is running for their new Tahoe. Many of the "good" ones have magically disappeared but here are two that seem to have staying power:

"Notice what's missing? Nobody's walking..."

"Like this snowy wilderness? Better get your fill of it now..." (sorry mom. Bad language at the end of this one.)

The Boys played outside in the sun today. It was obvious that The Boy 4 had a long winter. Smiles all around, thank you very much.

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