Thursday, April 27, 2006


I celebrated my 21st birthday tonight with my good friends /kt and DDD. There are 51 years of friendship between me and those two guys. If you're good at story problems you might be inclined to think I'm lying about my age so here's proof.

(Yes, that's what cake looks like to a cell phone. No wonder cell phones keep getting thinner!)

Previous to the cake, we went to the local iteration of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour. Good shows if you like that sort of thing. And still pretty good if you don't.

After that we hit Johnny Carino's for appetizers and beverages. Did you know they stop serving food at 10pm? Did you also know that they happily bring you beverages before they tell you they're not serving food? Yeah. They will.

So we self corrected and went to Granite City for food. They made us cake. We had fun. I missed The Guy With the Pink Bike for a moment.

Thanks for the perspective boys. You're the best!


PinkFlash said...

Always count on GC to take care of you.

michael said...

Hope you had an excellent 21st bday. I can remember mine, but it's getter harder and harder every year.