Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bike 2 Work Day

Did you ride?

I hooked up with WorkMateNH at 7am for the ride to the park. We met WorkMateMP along the way. We were too late for bagels but I enjoyed some tasty GoGurt. On the way out they both stopped at the bus and became officially trained in the use of the bike racks. The Owner and The Pastor got themselves trained as well. I didn't see it happen by I understand The Dad got trained too.

WorkMateMP followed up his morning ride with a trip home for lunch because (as we suspected all along) he’s the one who’s been letting the dogs out. The smart money was on him driving his car back after that…he didn’t. He’s impressive like that.

WorkMateNH and I enjoyed a much shorter ride home, including a with-the-wind finishing stretch.

Once at my home we encircled and took turns hugging the new tree a greenhouse planted behind our house. Actually we didn’t hug it, or encircle it. The planting of it didn’t really have anything to do with Bike 2 Work Day either, but it makes a nice story.

Bike 2 Work Day was fun, and easier than I expected. I think I'll ride again Monday.

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