Saturday, May 27, 2006


At work, in the magazine exchange, a new-to-me magazine has been appearing. It's called Real Simple. I've been curious to know if it contained any articles that would interest me and my transportation (and to a lesser extent my life) simplification. I found an answer to the question.

In the mailbox was Issue Two (my first) of Geez Magazine. Geez Magazine published the Demotorizing My Soul article I liked so much.
"We're not meant to go that fast. It's just too hard on the spirit. So I quit air travel. Planted my feet on the ground, tuned up my old bicycle and set my conscience at ease."
Apparently the theme for the current issue is The Lighter Side of Less. Within the pages I discovered this pseudo-ad:

(Click the image for a better view of the text at the bottom)


I'm taking another week off from posting. I'll be back the second week of June.

Don't forget me when I'm gone.

(Thanks George)


PS. My The Wife woke up and experimented with her own The MinusAC Project today. She never turned it on. I never turned it on. At supper I made sure to say I had no expectations that it needed to be off. It stayed off.

Today's high outside: 87
Today's high inside: 86

The Boys, perhaps they don't know enough about what's normal to complain. They fully enjoyed their cool baths, that for sure.


PPS. Matt from Two Cities Two Wheels is reporting his experiences from the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour. Go see his report! The pictures alone are worth it.

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Kris Green said...

About A/C... My wife and I moved to Austin in the mid 1990s from Seattle. She picked out a rental house the same afternoon she was given a job, a house that lacked either A/C or insulation. As northerners, it simply never occurred to us that houses "need" A/C. Anyway, that was the best thing that happened to us. As spring turned to summer, our house was a few degrees warmer each week, and we acclimatized naturally. By summer we were easily able to ride or rollerblade in the midday sun for four or five hours, where our native friends hid behind drawn curtains. Yeah, no A/C! Incidentally, the thermostat provided our only thermometer. It went up to 85--and hit that every summer day at about 9:30 and would be pegged until after midnight.