Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Over there on the right is the headline that a car struck an 88 year-old cyclist.

The flawed logic of comparing one isolated incident with another isolated incident notwithstanding (and isn't that what Bill O'Reilly is all about anyway)...

"Elderly driver hits girl at school polling place"

Apparently age disparity plays into a car or drivers responsiblity in a collision.

...part of an ongoing informal study of car/non-car collisions.


Thanks to Google News here are related headlines. It's a tight race. 8 headlines think cars drive people. 6 headlines think people drive cars.

* Children scatter as SUV crashes at school, injuring girl
* SUV hit girl as Randolph schoolchildren looked on in horror
* Girl, 8, hit by car at school poll
* Girl, 8, Hit By A SUV At Randolph School
* Dozens of kids saw girl hit by car: Second time in a year that a ...
* Girl hurt in accident at Randolph polling place
* SUV hits 2d grader in Randolph
* WEB EXTRA: Vehicle strikes girl at Randolph elementary school

* Man Hits Girl With SUV At Polling Station
* Elderly driver hits girl at school polling place
* Elderly Voter Strikes Child With Car at Massachusetts Polling Place
* Driver, 86, hits Randolph girl at polling place
* Girl run down by elderly voter at Lyons Elementary School
* Man, 86, strikes girl with car after voting

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Marrock said...

I'm surprised that none of them try to blame the girl for having the temerity to throw herself under that poor defenseless armored personnel carrier.