Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Report: January 28 – February 3

One last comment and then I’m done with the very sad and sorry situation in Massachusetts. People are deciding that schools and voting aren’t such good matches. While so many are thinking so radically about the relative safety of school children occupying the same space as your average car driving, lever pulling, primary voting, American…

How about we ban automobiles from polling places?

For the second report in a row - “That is an S.U.V; Humans ride in then because they are slowly losing their ability to walk.” – from Over the Hedge: The Movie.

Trips -

MinusCar: 6
Multi-occupant Auto: 9
Single occupant Auto: 3
Destinations: 21

I didn’t do much bike riding this week. But I didn’t do much car driving either.

My Car Miles: 2
My Bike Miles: 10

I figured out a new and improved way to utilize the bus. I ride with The Wife downtown and grab a bus that drops me 1 block from work. To the casual observer – and others more familiar with the local bussing system – this might seem to be a colossal waste of time.

You bet it is…if holding hands with The Wife and having a nice together time in the morning sans kids can be considered a waste of time.

For a lot of days this week, with the help of cellular technology, we even coordinated a transfer of my person to her car at the bus stop nearest our home.

Aided by these 2 miles this is the fewest miles The BlackBeast has gone in January since the beginning of The MinusCar Project: 2006 – 324, 2007 – 204, 2008 – 155.


SD_pedalpower said...

Good fúr ú.

eayste said...

Holding hands with a loved one is tops!:)