Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Minus What?

I dropped my car off at the shop today. Apparently the brake lights don't work. At least that's what the guy behind me told me. He looked like he knew what he was talking about too.


I’m not dead…I’m just working. I’d like to say I’m ready for spring but the 10 day forecast shows 30 and 40 degrees and that doesn’t even make me sing. It makes me think slush and mud.

In good news, the first ever South Dakota Bike Summit is this weekend and registrations are above the embarrassment threshold (if you build it they will come) (maybe but this isn’t baseball). Keynote speaker is Gary Sjoquist - Bikes Belong Director of Government Relations and Quality Bike Product’s paid advocate. He’s part of the reason Minneapolis is Cycle City. I noted a SDDOT registrant too. If you can go, GO. If you want free transport join FAB and e-mail DirkThePresident and ask him for a ride. It’s in Chamberlain on Saturday, and I think it’d be funny if 20 more people contacted him wanting transport. (Hi Dirk!) You still have to register for the summit too.

Bike 2 Work day is May 19th. Imagine a city where all the bike shops work together to raise awareness of Bike To Work day. What if they hosted bike donation drop offs? Like leave your old bike and buy a new one. What if the donated bikes went to x-cons trying to get to work? And what if there were pancakes for breakfast May 19th? And what if some of your favorite bloggers (well they’re my favorite bloggers) worked to put that together? Anyway…that’s the dream - at the moment.

Last night I read the Recreational Trails Program 2008 Grant Manual and Application. See, there’s this group of people with a dream of urban singletrack that’s…how you say…close enough to ride to. It’s not really my dream at the moment but it sure would be nice to be able to ride off road on something that’s not 1 or 4 automobile hours away. Anyway, it was scintillating reading if you like that sort of thing and this state's got $1,000,000 burning a hole in its pocket. I wonder how many parking spots are required for an off road bike trail?

A laugh a minute. I gotta go to work.

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BTW - keep dreaming and keep working at it and us and things will happen.