Friday, February 15, 2008


My Valentine got me one of these today.

It’s not a tank top. It’s a ChicoBag, “Helping humanity kick the single-use bag habit.” She found it at the food co-op.

It stuffs into itself and gets rather smallish.

And then the red lights started flashing. The whistle in the basement started to blow (we had to move it to the basement because it’s too loud). Somewhere, somehow, a website had placed a link to The MinusCar Project.

Drop everything and find it.

Sustainability at BSCS is a new blog documenting efforts as Bradley Stoke Community School attempts to become more sustainable.

Welcome to the blogosphere Bradley! And thanks for posting this YouTube video. I like it. I like it a lot.

Parts of this post, like the whistle in the basement, might be exaggerated.

(maybe the whistle is in the kitchen)


Kassie said...

I love my chico bag. They are so nice.

glanzer77 said...

OK...when I saw that picture I could only envision you with a tight red tank top cruising to work on your bike in downtown Sioux Falls.

So I was happy to see that it was so much more manly than a red crushed velvet tank top!

I would have to pass on the little bag and will stick with my Timbuk2


mytzpyk said...

More than a few times I wish I would have written, "No, it's not Richard Simmons' tank top."