Sunday, April 05, 2009

1Q 09

This is the forth winter of The MinusCar Project. The Minus Car went 484 miles in the first quarter of 2009. That's 110 fewer miles than 2008 which was the previous JanFebMar low. Another new high in low. I attribute this success to assimilating and solidifying the routine of riding with The Wife and grabbing the bus from downtown to work.

In the quest for the 8-tank-of-gas-year this chart shows I'm right on pace. At the end of last year I lamented a 242 mile February. This year extra miles transferred to March but inhospitable weather in March is better than bad February weather.

I was a little nervous about adding 3 weekly trips to the trainer to the schedule. I'm told that the more meetings a person has the harder it is to enjoy life from the seat of a bicycle. So far I'm winning that battle with my schedule - although I have suffered some pretty chilly walks from shop to gym. That's ok though 'cause I've got the Rocky IV Soundtrack on my iPod.

(heh heh, that sounded like such a good idea I'm actually going to put it on my iPod. "Training Montage" anyone?)

A highlight of this past week was a 26 mile bike day. I headed out to CycleSD's place of employement over lunch. It ended up being a bit further than I expected, plus it was primarily into a decent north wind. I think his address is Sioux Falls but I'm pretty sure I could see the high waters of Fargo from their front door. Next time DW - I'm waiting to meet for lunch to play bicycle courier.



Eric A. said...

Boy! Sounds like you may want to put some Seafoam in the gas tank of your car so the gas doesnt get stale. :P
I like hearing of your adventures.

SD_pedalpower said...

When you offered to be a bike courier up North I thought to myself. "Minuscar must receive very long lunch periods." :)

DIRK said...

I'll give you directions to my place of employment... it's another mile to mile and a half east of SD's. Next time stop by!

Anonymous said...

fourth not forth