Saturday, April 11, 2009

Enjoy. Donuts.

Rode for coffee and donuts this morning with some of the usual suspects and a couple surprises.

Adam grew up in Sioux Falls, moved to Denver and discovered bicycling. He's back for Easter and searched The Internets for a group ride. He found one that goes for coffee and donuts.

It looked like this today.

A bit like a donut. Maybe?

...and then I asked him if he knows the one cyclists I know of in Denver. He doesn't. I think that's the only dumb question I asked today.


Anonymous said...

It was the best C&D ride of the year! (OK, so far, but still) It was a pleasure meeting Adam, and he came out to ride with us to Larchwood later in the day. If he is representative of the youth getting ready to run our country I don't despair so much for our future!

Glanzer77 said...

Hey ask him if he knows my buddy Galen in Denver.

Road Legs said...

Exciting ride especially when you almost were hit by that truck.

mytzpyk said...

One man's "almost hit" is another man's successfully negotiated left turn - no matter how confused the driver was to happen upon humans.