Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Community Happening

Sometimes animals don't look either. Tonight as I was riding home two ducks rose from the ground. The first changed course when it saw me leaving me wondering how close it seemed to be to hitting me. As my attention moved to the second duck I realized this one was actually going to hit me. I closed my eyes, turned my head, performed some sort of evasive maneuver, I (yes) ducked, and braced for an impact that never came.

I don't know how close it was because my eyes were closed and my head was tucked. I'm probably lucky I didn't come off my bike. To be fair to the ducks my lighting was truly inadequate for the conditions.


I think I've got this right...

Yesterday evening there were people sweeping roads for imminent first of a monthly series of criterium bicycle races in a northeast industrial park.

Yesterday evening there were people sticking and stamping the spring newsletter of the Falls Area Bicyclists.

This evening there was a planning meeting for the May Bike To Work Day.

This evening there was a bicycle ride hosted by a city planner. We toured the on-road alternate route being created as a way around the soon to be closed-due-to-construction multi-use path.

Tomorrow evening is the first ever run of the monthly Central Plains Cycling criterium. I was going to attend until The Boy 7's next soccer practice landed on the same day.

It's a big week for local cycling.


SD_pedalpower said...

Indeed. The local cycling scene is strong and growing.

DIRK said...

I see many more great, and busy cycling weeks ahead.

thE_kErnEl said...

livin' the dream, baby!

Eric A. said...

Where can I obtain more info about these crits ?

mytzpyk said...

It's a Central Plains Cycling event. See the definitive pieces here - - in the right column.

Hoots and Tez were there as official officials.

Hoots report and the photos to prove it -

Te report -