Thursday, April 02, 2009

"Room Rage" & "Road Witches"

I've found a new person to add to my "interesting people to watch for" list. This embeded video, similar to a TED Talk is Ted Dewan at the 2006 GEL Conference.

The big payoff line at the end - "...we'll prick some holes in the popular delusion that roads are primarily for cars and not for life."

In my own city The Mayor himself is being forced to testify about our single installation of red light cameras.

January and February this year identified 487 violations. 487 represents more than 8 runs a day. This is 300 fewer than the same time period last year. Even with a 10% drop in travel this still represents a significant improvement.

I really like what this guy is doing. It's a 20 minute video but (look out world!) it's entertaining enough for an 11-year-old. I know because The Boy 11 looked over my shoulder and stayed for the duration.


h/t Tom Vanderbilt, author and blogger at the most excellent "How We Drive"


db said...

Thanks for posting that. It's a great presentation.

bigH said...

Reminded me of Ciclovia: Bogotá, Colombia; I love it.