Sunday, May 30, 2010

Seeking Sioux Falls, Iowa

Earlier this week The Dad sent me a Google Maps link with driving directions to Sioux Falls, Iowa.

(click for google maps)

That seemed to me like a road ride waiting to happen.

Tonight was the night. The Owner and I set out late afternoon in search of the mythical and elusive Sioux Falls, IA.

Sure we've heard of the place plenty, it often comes up during performances by national touring acts. Often the error is passed off as confusion between Sioux City, IA and Sioux Falls, SD - but no more. I believe now they've known of what they speak.

Because I have been there. Presenting Sioux Falls, Iowa:

Looking north.

Looking south.

Looking east.

Looking west.

Yes it's a gravel road. Yes, we were on road bikes. It's ok, we're both off-road riders at heart.

It was with no amount of sadness we departed Sioux Falls, IA and continued a loop that would take us 30 miles. It was a nice trip that I'll never have to make again.


Eric A. said...

Coincidentally , it looks like the rest of IA. Thanks for going there, now I wont have too. :)

FunkyMama said...

It also looks like a lot of South Dakota ...

Dan from Des Moines said...

^ Ditto what FunkyMama said. I'm from Iowa and it looks like SD to me ;)

This reminds me when I came across some out of towners on a rail trail near Des Moines (IA not SD). They had an Iowa trail guide map that listed a nonexistant town as a real one. The guide said the population was "tiny" and there was camping available. Nowadays there's only a couple manufacturing businesses there and no camping, unless you pitch your tent behind the businesses...