Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sioux Falls: Passive Transport Down, Active Transport Up

Did you hear our new Mayor is riding his bike from home on Friday for a free pancake breakfast at that Museum of Visual Materials. I think that's kind of a big deal.

The City has begun a process to write the next Long Range Transportation Plan. This plan endevours to envision transportation through 2035. The next 25 years.

To begin the process a survey was used to measure current thinking about and use of the transportation system. This is third time this survey has been used in Sioux Falls since 1999 so some trend data is now available.

And the trends are looking remarkably MINUSCAR!

  • a four point drop for single occupant automobiles.
  • a steady rise in carpooling
  • a steady rise in walking
  • a steady rise in biking


    (click for big!)

    Additionally, attitudes about bicycling on the roadways are changing. The percentage of residents who believe riding on city roadways is safe and appropriate has increased 7% over the past 5 years.


    (click for big!)

    The data is great but if nobody notices then nobody cares. In the summary report the author offers four "guiding objectives" for the report. The final of four is to improve the quality of bicycling safe facilities.

    Later this month (and so far unscheduled) there will be a large open house where citizens can come and observe the report and the data. I HIGHLY recommend readers and friends of The MinusCar Project attend the open house and leave appropriate commentary.

    Victory is much sweeter when it follows participation.

    FunkyMama said...

    good job. mayor on a bike is a big deal.

    **high five**

    on the survey - the next question is 'why?' ... why the shift in modes for some.

    is it a change in values? green thinking? economics? etc?

    i'm curious. :)

    Snakebite said...

    The first graph said something to the effect of "by percentage of respondents." I'm curious about hard numbers, especially the 11% by bike number. 11% of the total population of Sioux Falls would be almost 17,000 riders, which I would have a hard time believing. 11% of 100 people would be 11 riders.

    Do you have info on how many respondents there were so we know how people this equates to?

    mytzpyk said...

    The whole report will be presented at the future open house.

    The random sampling was 1,066 residents.

    This is not measuring day in and day out butts on bikes.

    This is measuring the percentage of people who marked certain modes on the survey.

    Also important, the survey allowed for multiple selections.

    Marc said...
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