Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bike Rack at Full Capacity (Almost)

On the ride home Tuesday we picked up a dreadlocked guy with a bike. This marks the second time I’ve seen a bike on a bus, but more importantly the first time I’ve been on the bus with somebody else’s bike on the front. If only my bike was along for the ride. The rack would have been at full capacity…woe to bike rider number three who would have to wait for the next bus. I wonder how long before that happens.

Wednesday the daily had a small photo of a bus with a bike on it announcing the existence of the program. The transit city planner suggested in the article that many people had requested the racks.

I should say that there have been at least a handful of people with bikes walking through the downtown bus depot which would suggest a few of them had either recently been taken off a bus, or will soon be put on a bus.

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