Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Has Anybody Seen My Training Ride?

How to turn a 2 hour training ride into 30 minutes of cycling:

At the beginning of the day I was set to leave work early and grab two hours of sweet bike time before heading off to swimming lessons. The ride was going to include what little urban singletrack there is in this town, and I was going to do it on the under utilized race bike.

It rained in the night, so I switched bikes (it probably didn’t rain enough to make the dirt wet.) I stowed the Camelback in The Wife’s car planning an early ride swap (she left her work early.) As I got less interested in a 2 hour ride I got more interested in this:

1. Spoke-n-Sport – another water bottle filled with the sweet goodness of Lemonade Gatorade, a bell for The Boy 3’s bike, new cheap grips for the trail-a-bike.

2. Best Buy – the very guilty pleasure of the new Ying Yang Twins CD, and the Audioscrobbler inspired purchase of Breaking Benjamin.

3. Target – we’re looking for an in-car refrigerator. Summer road trips and The Boy’s food allergies don’t mix well. I was just looking not buying. Sheesh…I don’t have a 12 volt outlet on any of my bikes.

4. Post office – I checked the PO Box and purchased some parcel shipping. I seem to have left the $3.85 stamp sitting on the automated machine. Grrr…

5. Home Depot – siding repair materials. The man talked me out of $100(?) worth of metal strips, and talked me into $3 worth of caulk. Thanks man.

The on-bike temperature was 82 for most of the ride. That’s 20 degrees cooler than the numbers my thermometer has been showing me for the past few days. Nice.


kterveen said...

Was the stamp you left in the automated machine for somewhere in Wisconsin? The reason I ask is that when I went to buy stamps last night at about 7:15 there was a $3.85 stamp in the automated machine, destination: somewhere in Wisconsin.

mytzpyk said...

Yep, tha'd be me! Funny.