Monday, June 20, 2005

The Gator’s v The Festival Goers

Not the Florida Gator’s…I’m talking about John Deere Gator’s.

1 – as The Boys and I sat in the grass enjoying our lunch a Gator pulled up near us to visit with a group of people nearby. As the driver prepared to depart the Gator rolled backward toward us. Someone at a nearby table yelped which alerted the passenger to the imminent problem and the passenger passed the word along to the driver.

2 – as my mom sat on the grass leaning back with her hands behind her the same Gator with the same driver came within inches of running over her hand. The look on the passengers face as they cruised by said it all.

The mixture of bicycles and pedestrians on downtown sidewalks is deemed so dangerous that signs are placed prohibiting bicycles. Yet, in the midst of the randomness of a family festival there are inexperienced volunteers driving motorized mini-tractors through crowds of people.

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Anonymous said...

...if we all had gators we would all be equal right?