Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Geekery and the Rejuvenated Laptop

Not long ago I bought a SoundBridge. I’ve been frustrated with it loosing its connection to the music library. It’s been down probably 80% of the time I’ve had it. This weekend I became frustrated enough that something needed to change.

I pulled out my old laptop with the broken screen, installed the free VNC remote desktop software, and in remarkably short time had replaced my SoundBridge with something that was broken AND wouldn’t be such a hassle.

Now hiding on top of the kitchen cabinets is a closed laptop connected to small speakers and my home network running WinAmp connecting to my mp3 library. I control WinAmp from my desktop PC through VNC. Satisfaction!!

Sorry SoundBridge. Maybe in a few years you and Windows Media Connect will be ready to actually sell a product that works. When that happens, give me a call.

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Anonymous said...

I wish you had posted this one before christmas. It would have saved me some money.