Monday, July 09, 2007

Endurance Parenting

Much of the rest of the weekend featured cranking the thermostat to 85 and heading to the pool. I participated in The Boy 9’s Terrace Park Circuit Training. Begin with a 35 ft climb to the top of the water slide, great for the legs. Strengthen the core with a 35 ft plunge to the water below while keeping the body rigid for speed (Luge is an Olympic sport). Endure a head full of water and increase coordination while regaining footing and clearing the way for trailing participants. Repeat ad nauseam at the pace of a tireless 9 year old.

Saturday I was able to recover from the stair climb waiting in lines for the slides. I passed this time by mentally exorcising the desire to toss some young men over the railing after observing them spitting on fellow stair climbers, including me. Ah yes, the fun of youth.

Saturday was good warm up for Sunday when there were no lines. As I awaited lifeguard permission for the plunge portion I remarked to him about the lack of Sunday’s recovery time. His response was to drastically reduce the wait time (by bending rules) between The Boy 9’s departure and my own. I’m amazed to discover being as old as I am, that it still felt like I was getting away with something for him to do that. Ah yes, the fun of youth.

Respect respectable authority.

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