Friday, July 06, 2007

Weekend Photo Time

First the current installment of the garden photo. The clothes line is retractable. I'm hoping for a big impact with this. Reducing use of the electric dryer. Might also reduce the need for a basement dehumidifier by putting more moisture outside.

Not only did the content of this post - "how many gallons is this?" - at the Sew Green blog impress me, but I enjoyed the approach in writing it. I think I might get a bucket.

Did you see the Banjo Brothers ad featuring the Lunartic Biker? If you're a bike blogger you probably did...but not all of you are bike bloggers, and some of you stay away from the naughty ones anyway.

Clicky for bigger picture. This ad was created to run in the Urban Velo magazine which I really like.

The Boy 9 celebrates his independence.

Finally, here's a nice picture that I found over at the Bicycling in and Around Sioux Falls blog.

I wonder what this would look like printed on card stock, laminated and hung from a sign downtown on the bike trail.

Huh. Pretty good I think.

I may or may not have had something to do with the hanging of this sign. I may or may not have intentionally spelled Lunatic wrong earlier in this post.

I did however have a nice 30 mile day, thanks to an after supper run to Staples, the Snakepit, the downtown bike trail, and back home. You know, urban cycling.


bikingbrady said...

I have been hanging my clothes every possible day I can since we moved in here. I'm sure my neighbors think I am nuts between that and never driving anywhere. It's okay to be nuts. I'm perfectly fine with it.

Good luck with the bike trail detour. I heard about it through Snakebite and it's a raw deal dude. Sometimes it's good to live in quiet little Vermillion...

thE_kErnEl said...

that's a beautiful sight

SD_pedalpower said...

I'm glad to see the header type is big enough for bikers to read as they are passing. Did you have to replace any signs yet? I just read an email that KSFY wants to do an interview today (Sunday), Snakebite maybe on KSFY if the reporter calls him back.

Smudgemo said...

This post got me to thinking about water. It's always dry here from April through November, and even with watering 3x a week, my grass is already brown. I tried the bucket in the shower and got about two gallons in spite of it being a quick shower. The head is really old, so I guess I'll buy a low-flow version shortly. I'm also considering rigging something to catch the water from the washer. It would be cool to green up the grass for the effort of carrying a few buckets of water around front. I've been meaning to get another drying rack or two so I can stop using the dryer.